More Pathways To More Value

At every point along the Cardiac Pathway, LifeSync’s unique, patented Bluetooth Wireless Medical Device Technology Platform creates incremental opportunities for more value, patient and Practitioner safety, and improved patient outcomes by…

  • Improving ECG signal quality through innovative technology resulting in the reduction of nuisance alarms and unwanted time-off monitor Increasing staff efficiency through improved patient flow and reduction of procedure times Radiolucency, eliminating the need to move wires for unobstructed viewing during fluoroscopy Reducing the risk of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) with single-patient use leads which replace reusable lead wires that can harbor antibiotic resistant bacteria Facilitating early ambulation and potentially reducing hospital Length of Stay (LOS) with our Wireless Platform Reducing in-hospital trips and falls caused by dangling lead wires, using our Wireless Platform Providing 12-lead diagnostic consistency in placement through innovative lead design Recyclable single-patient use leads.
  • The LifeSync® Bluetooth Wireless Medical Device Technology Platform can be used throughout the Cardiac Pathway from Emergency Department (ED) to Catheterization Lab (Cath lab) to Operating Room (OR) to Telemetry (Tele), with single-patient use leads. The LifeSync CLICK‘n Go™ feature improves patient flow across departments while the Wireless Platform untethers the patient from the bedside monitor.