LifeSync Corporation is a medical device company committed to the development of innovative products that improve clinical outcomes for patients through the use of LifeSync products and technologies.

Corporate Overview

Our business is devoted primarily to the continued development, marketing, and sale of the LifeSync® clean disposable ECG/EKG technologies, the first wireless electrocardiogram data communication system appropriate for use in hospital and outpatient settings.

The LifeSync® System is designed for use in all hospital and outpatient settings where cardiac ECG/EKG and respiration monitoring are required. The LifeSync® System quite simply untethers patients from lead wires that traditionally connect them to bedside monitors. As a data communications system, the LifeSync® System uses medical-grade Bluetooth® technology and is compatible with most existing patient monitors. Finally, a clinically viable solution is available for health care facilities seeking a cost-effective, wireless solution for monitoring patients.

LifeSync Corporation has developed its current products based, in part, on patents purchased from Motorola. Generally, these patents cover the wireless transmission of patient vital signs from the patient to the first evaluator station using digital, two-way communication with error correction technology. LifeSync Corporation intends to license specific applications of our technology to third parties in certain areas where we do not intend to develop products ourselves.