Transceiver Pouch

LifeSync Corporation recommends the use of the Patient Transceiver Pouch to better isolate and locate the patient transceiver when connected to the LeadWear® Disposable. The pouch features resealable openings for easy insertion and removal of the LeadWear® Disposable product, the Smart Battery and the Token.




LifeSync® Smart Battery

The LifeSync® System uses rechargeable 3.6 Volt lithium-ion batteries. The battery is used to power the Patient Transceiver and is interchangeable with Monitor Transceiver. When plugged into the Monitor Transceiver the battery is charged in under eight hours. A fully charged battery will power a LifeSync® System Patient Transceiver for a minimum of 24 hours, or a LifeSync® System Monitor Transceiver for a minimum of 12 hours.




LifeSync® Token

The LifeSync® System Token is used to sync the Patient Transceiver and Monitor Transceiver. The Token is not specific to any particular transceiver but works by transferring information between two transceivers during the synchronization process.





Arm Band

An Arm Band is available which allows the LifeSync® System Patient Transceiver to be worn securely on a patient’s upper arm. Recommended for the stress lab.