1. How long can a patient wear the same LeadWear® Disposable set?
    The LeadWear® Disposable may be used for the entire length of the patients’ stay, following them throughout the entire continuum of care.
  2. Can the LeadWear® Disposable be placed on the patient’s back?
    Yes, the LeadWear® Disposable can be positioned on the back of the patient for a more accommodating placement.
  3. Do the LeadWear® Disposables require special electrodes?
    LeadWear® Disposable product can be used with many commercially available electrodes. Customers should follow users instructions from the electrode manufacturer.
  4. How often do the electrodes need to be changed?
    Customers should follow users instructions from the electrode manufacturer.
  5. Is the LeadWear® Disposable latex free?
    Yes, LeadWear® Disposable is latex free.
  6. What happens during defibrillation?
    If a patient wearing the LeadWear® Disposable needs to be defibrillated, just place the quick combo pads or manual paddles under the LeadWear® Disposable. Our product is safe to use and will not interfere if defibrillation is necessary.
  1. What is the range of the LifeSync® Wireless ECG System?
    10 meters or around 30 feet maximum.
  2. Are LifeSync® System transceivers waterproof?
    No, they are not. We recommend the use of Patient Transceiver Disposable Pouch to protect the electronics from fluid ingress.
  3. Does the Monitor Transceiver battery charge when the power is off?
    No, the battery only charges when the Monitor Transceiver is plugged in and turned “on”. Be sure to keep it on at all times for this reason.
  4. How should transceivers be cleaned?
    Recommended cleaning solutions are listed within your LifeSync® System User Manual.
  5. How much does the transceiver weigh?
    Patient transceiver weighs less than ½ pound.
  6. What happens if you lose the blue token? 
    The blue token ensures secure communication from the Patient Transceiver to the Monitor Transceiver and the ECG tracing cannot be viewed without a blue token. However, any blue token may be used to sync a patient transceiver and a monitor transceiver. Replacement blue tokens may be purchased by contacting Customer Service at 1-866-324-3888 (M-F, 8:30AM – 8:00PM Eastern).
  7. Can the LifeSync® Wireless ECG System be used with most patient monitoring systems?
    Yes. The LifeSync® Wireless ECG System is not a patient monitor. The LifeSync® system makes most patient monitoring system wireless.
  8. Do the transceivers store patient’s data?
    No, the transceivers do not store patient data, they simply transmit ECG and Respiration signals using Bluetooth® technology.
  9. How does the LifeSync® Wireless ECG System differ from telemetry systems?
    A traditional telemetry system transmits ECG data from the patient telemetry transmitter to the central telemetry/nurse station using fixed antennas installed in the ceiling of the telemetry unit. The LifeSync® Wireless ECG System creates a secure personal area network (PAN) wherever a patient transceiver and monitor transceiver are synchronized to transmit ECG and Respiration signals.