Patient safety and outcomes, nurse productivity and lower hospital costs are driving efforts in hospitals to implement LifeSync® Wireless ECG System with LeadWear.

Mary Hodgerney is the Nurse Manager of the Cardiac Cath Lab, Electrophysiology Lab, and Cardiac Short Stay units, at UMass Memorial Medical Center. She holds a Masters Degree from the University of Massachusetts School of Nursing and is a Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Mary was formal lecturer for over 20 years for the Frontiers […]


Hetal Gandhi M.D., Sonia Sharma D.O., Rebecca Beveridge BSN, donna Gilski APN, Parag Patel, D.O. Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, IL   Background Nosocomial infections are by far one of the foremost threats to the healthcare system today, leading to increasing health-care costs, increased morbidity and mortality for the patients who acquire them, as […]

Optimizing Bedside ECG Monitoring with Wireless System

H Gandhi MD, S Sharma, DO, D Gilski APN, R Beveridge RN BSN, D Kantoris RN BSN, N Davis PhD, P Patel DO FACC   Background In the critical care environment, false alarms and nuisance alarms associated with traditional ECG wires pose a safety risk to patients and burden the nursing staff by taking them […]

Heart Center Documents 58% Decrease in Lead-Off Alarms using LifeSync® System

Florida Hospital Orlando   Introduction Florida Hospital Orlando, the largest of seven hospitals in the Florida Hospital System, houses the Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute, ranked number three in the nation for number of open heart surgeries. Twenty-five thousand patientsi are admitted into the Institute where 11,000 cardiac proceduresii and 2,000 open heart surgeriesiii are performed […]

LifeSync® Wireless ECG System Reduces Time Off Monitor by 90% and Provides 87% Alarm Accuracy

Summary of Data by Donna Quinton Brown RN, AASN, Alumnus CCRN, LifeSync® Corp. and M. Ann Anderson, MS, RN Director of Clinical Affairs, LifeSync Corporation   In January of 2008 a 395-bed hospital located in St. Petersburg, Florida added the LifeSync® Wireless ECG System to their infection control bundle and monitoring procedure. The hospital began […]


H. Gandhi, MD; S. Sharma, DO; D. Gilski, APN; R. Beveridge, RN BSN; D. Kantoris, RN BSN; N. Davis, PhD; P. Patel, DO FACC Division of Cardiology, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, Illinois   Background Nosocomial infections are a major risk to patients, visitors and employees. They contribute to health-care costs, morbidity and mortality, […]

Investigating Electrocardiography Lead Wires as a Reservoir for Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens

Hetal Gandhi, Sonia Sharma, Donna Gilski, Rebecca Beveridge, Parag Patel, Advocate Lutheran General Hosp, Park Ridge, IL   Background Hospital-acquired infections caused by antibiotic- resistant bacteria have become a major public health concern in recent years. Electrocardiography (ECG) lead wires conceal antibiotic-resistant bacteria and act as a vehicle for cross-contamination. The effects of these pathogens […]

Early Patient Mobilization Key to Earlier Patient Recovery

The Problem Physical deconditioning of ICU patients from illness, sedation and prolonged bed usage can occur within days of patient admission. The effect of deconditioning of the patient include weakness and neuromuscular abnormalities within 7 days of an ICU stay1, skeletal muscle strength may decline 1 to 1.5 percent per day of bed rest and […]

One Hospital’s Victory Over Hospital Acquired Infections Zero for 18 Months and Counting

Research Summary by M. Ann Anderson, MS, RN Director of Clinical Affairs, LifeSync Corporation   Overview Bon Secours, St. Francis Medical Center, a 319-bed facility located in Midlothian, VA, opened in September of 2005 using the LifeSync® Wireless ECG System with the LeadWear® Disposable Cable Replacement System as part of their safety strategy and infection […]

Multicenter Study of Bacterial Pathogens on Reusable, Cleaned ECG Lead Wires: Are Patients at Risk for Nosocomial Bacterial Infections While in the Operating Room?

Poster Presentation: AORN Chicago IL March 2009 Authors: Nancy Albert, PhD, CCNS, CCRN, CNA, FAHA, FCCM, Director, Nursing Research and Innovation-Division of Nursing and Clinical Nurse Specialist – Kaufman Center for Heart Failure Cleveland Clinic; Kelly Hancock, RN, MSN, Cleveland Clinic; Susan Krajewski, RN, MSN, MPA, Oschner Medical Center; Matt Karafa,, PhD, BA, MS, Cleveland […]